• Wind power helping water-constrained areas of Minnesota

    26 March 2015 by Carl Levesque Carl Levesque

    AWEA CEO Tom Kiernan (right) recently spoke at a Wind on the Wires event in Minnesota that included, from left, Rep. Bob Inglis, Wind on the Wires Executive Director Beth…

  • Cookie-cutter Koch study in North Carolina still suffers from same errors, plus some new ones

    23 March 2015 by Michael Goggin Michael Goggin

    Randy Simmons, the “Charles G. Koch Professor” at Utah State University and major recipient of funding from the fossil fuel industry billionaires, has produced another study attacking the benefits of…

  • Thanks in part to wind, global carbon emissions stall in 2014

    19 March 2015 by Carl Levesque Carl Levesque

    Photo via Flickr user Jes using a Creative Commons license The International Energy Agency recently announced that global emissions of carbon dioxide from the energy sector stalled in 2014—an historic…

  • Missing the big picture on energy subsidies

    17 March 2015 by Shauna Theel Shauna Theel

    The Energy Information Administration recently released a brief snapshot in time of the incentives for different energy sources. By itself, this snapshot paints an incomplete and distorted picture of the…

  • 7 ways “Wind Vision” would benefit Americans

    12 March 2015 by Shauna Theel Shauna Theel

    The White House and Department of Energy have just released a definitive new report showing that wind can be one of America’s top electricity sources, while saving consumers money. After…

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