• Bringing wind energy to Super Bowl XLIX

    26 January 2015 by Tim Morris Tim  Morris

    Last week, The Arizona Republic reported that the Arizona-based Salt River Project will be providing free wind energy to the University of Phoenix Stadium, the host venue for Super Bowl…

  • the latest to see wind’s value

    21 January 2015 by Carl Levesque Carl Levesque

    Image via Flickr user soumit with a Creative Commons license. Technology companies and other non-utility entities have been purchasing wind power for years now, and the trend is only accelerating.…

  • State of the Union is right: U.S. is #1 in wind energy

    21 January 2015 by Shauna Theel Shauna Theel

    The reason the U.S. leads the world is due to the productivity of our turbines (AWEA graphic).   In his State of the Union address, President Barack Obama noted that…

  • We heart wind energy

    22 January 2015 by Elesha Peterson Carr Elesha Peterson Carr

    Image from Amanda Fortner during AWEA's #iheartwind campaign AWEA’s commitment to a more ecologically sustainable planet is driven by our hard work promoting American wind energy. There are also many…

  • Will Michigan policymakers follow the private sector’s lead?

    16 January 2015

    Power County Wind Farm, courtesy of the Department of Energy on Flickr Co-authored by Julie Fox Gorte, Ph.D. (Michigan State ‘80), SVP for Sustainable Investing, Pax World Management LLC and…

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