WINDPOWER 2014: A fond farewell

8 May 2014 by Peebles Squire Peebles Squire

Wow, what a week! For most of us, this evening marks the end of the WINDPOWER 2014 Conference & Expo, and while our team is exhausted, we are elated to call this year’s show a tremendous success!

This was my first WINDPOWER, and I arrived in Vegas on Monday morning not knowing exactly what to expect – and what I’d learn while here. As it turns out, I will hop on my red-eye flight back to DC tonight having met more people and made more new friends than I could have hoped for.

American wind power is full of ambitious, driven, and intelligent men and women, who go to extraordinary lengths to make this industry as innovative and inspiring as possible. I love being a part of this industry.

I took one last lap around the showroom as it was being disassembled and was stunned by how quickly – less than an hour – the floor was reverting to its original, unadorned state. My first stop was the AWEA booth, where our team was busily stacking boxes and preparing all our materials to be shipped back home. We still managed time for a quick photo, though.

Tired, but happy

The corridors between booths, bustling with feet just moments before, had become highways for heavy equipment. Carpets were loaded onto trucks, and giant signs were lowered down from the ceiling. Attendees, carefully preparing their odds and ends to be stowed away, were often too busy to even notice I had passed by.

Goodbye, carpets

This marathon three-day experience was exhilarating and exhausting, but I will be going home re-energized, having shared so many wonderful experiences with the incredible people of American wind power.

All packed up!

I hope to get the chance to live it all again next year at WINDPOWER 2015 in Orlando!


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